A supportive environment for sustaining an
active lifestyle and rebuilding strength.



Pre and Post-Injury Training

Specialized Training:
MS, Parkinson's, Amputees,
Degenerative Diseases,
and Paraplegics

Nutritional Counseling

Basic & Advanced Strength Training

Kettlebell Training


Myofascial Release

5k, 10k, Marathon Strength
and Stability Training



Jacob Hillberg has been a Personal Trainer and Clinical Massage Therapist for over 10 years. He focuses on helping patients that have graduated from physical therapy and want to grow in strength and stability to avoid future injuries. He also works with people who wish to sustain an active lifestyle while combating the compensations brought on by the repetitive actions of daily life, such as sitting at a desk, standing all day, wearing specific equipment, etc.




Jacob Hillberg


Foundational Strength is located at Ascend
409 West Huron Street, 3rd floor in Chicago, Illinois